Sergey Tereshkin gave an interview to Forbes magazine.

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Sergey Tereshkin gave an interview to Forbes magazine. 01 October 2021 09:37:44

Electronic trading platforms are known to all. But marketer petrol, diesel fuel and other fuel is a new phenomenon in the traditional market. In August of 2020, the company "RG-Market" was created, and in December of the same year the same name trading platform was launched.

Sergey Tereshkin, CEO of Oil Resources Group, sold 41,000 tonnes of oil products, worth about 2 billion rubles. The project makes a profit from the license fee for the right to use the platform and the additional modules. Now on the platform there are more than 60 advantageous offers from suppliers.

The market services are used by enterprises which consume significant amounts of fuel, but cannot constantly follow it at filling stations. And those who need special fuel or oil products.

According to Sergey Tereshkin, the main advantage of the "RG-Market" is transparency. The user sees the price at the time the fuel is shipped by the supplier, fuel parameters, terms of delivery or self-nomination.

Sergei also shared with the development plans: "We are now negotiating with several vertically integrated oil companies to involve them in the work of our platform along with independent companies ...

We need partner banks with financial services, installments and web accounts."


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