ORG-MARKET advantages

ORG-MARKET advantages 28 July 2021

In May 2021, we launched ORG-Market, the first commodity marketplace and a unique IT product for the Russian oil market.

Let's talk about the main advantages of our platform.

Security. We guarantee the security of any transaction made on the marketplace. Oil Resurs Grupp has been operating in the oil product market since 2014. In 2020 our sales amounted to 15 billion rubles. One of our key clients is Sberbank.

The products are delivered to the platform users on time and according to the order.

Преимущества платформы ORG-MARKET

Convenience Our clients can order petroleum products and petrochemicals on our platform at any day and time. They don't need a manager at the office to submit their request.

All documents are stored in one place. Marketplace clients do not have to search for invoices and acts on transactions in the mail or call a manager. All relevant documents are stored in their user accounts.

Transaction status. Imagine, you submitted an order for some fuel and do not know its status. Has it been shipped already or not? You need this fuel urgently, you are a nervous wreck and everything falls apart….

At the same time, users of our marketplace always know what is happening with their orders. All statuses are shown in your user account.

Reliable information. Only up-to-date information is published on the marketplace: actual prices and volume of the product. We publish data only when we are certain about it.

Преимущества платформы ORG-MARKET

Free analytics. Do you want to compare prices and find a better supplier? All users of our marketplace have access to analytics and compared pricing for oil products, fuel, and petrochemicals from different vendors.

You only need to register to start using the marketplace.

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Address 11/13, Timur Frunze St., Moscow