"Oil Resource Group" and "SIBUR": new directions for development

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"Oil Resource Group" and "SIBUR": new directions for development 13 August 2021 12:37:44

In the early days of August, Semyon Garagul visited the production site of SIBUR Holding in Tobolsk (Tyumen Oblast). A tour of the plant and the city took place for the guests.

The Tobolsk Production Course includes:

  • ZapSibNeftehim is Russia's largest petrochemical complex. The total capacity of the plant is 2.5 million tons of basic polymers per year (1.5 million tons of polyethylene and 1 million tons of polypropylene). Investments in construction were made by European banks, a number of international investors and investment funds in the Middle East. Budget funds were allocated from the National Wealth Fund.
  • SIBUR Tobolsk-production of liquefied gases, flammable liquids, monomer. They create rubber, plastic, car tires, cleaning and cosmetics, etc. produced at the enterprise of methyl-three-butyl ether is used as a high-octane supplement to the gasoline.
  • Tobolsk-Polymer-manufactures propylene and polypropylene. It is used in the production of pipes, food containers, packaging materials, bottles of different capacity, non-fabrics and electrical insulating materials, vibration-and noise-proofing coatings, components for equipment and automobiles, metered-dose inhalers and disposable syringes, etc.

«Ойл Ресурс Групп» и «СИБУР»: новые направления развития

Meeting with SIBUR Holding representatives discussed the following issues:

  • Syndication of one of the assets of SIBUR Holding;
  • partnership in the field of petrochemical sales;
  • development of own production "Oil Resources Group" for domestic and foreign markets.

"Oil Resource Group" considers the production of petrochemical and biological products, which in the future will replace petrochemicals as promising areas in their development strategy for the next ten years.

«Ойл Ресурс Групп» и «СИБУР»: новые направления развития

Help: "SIBUR Holding" is Russia's largest integrated oil and gas company. Buying and processing hydrocarbons in plastics, rubber and other high value added products. Sell his products all over the world. Among the foreign partners of the company are Deltagaz, Rinnaai, GENERC, Sinopec, GREENPOWER, Michelin.

Company of the company for the production of plastics and elastomers are located in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Perm Krai, Bashkortostan, Tver and Voronezh Region, Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Phone number +7 (495) 150-08-09
Address 11/13, Timur Frunze St., Moscow