The values of Oil Resurs Grupp are at the core of all our operations. It allows us to achieve our goals, work together as a team, and advocate for our company in challenging situations.

Despite our IT solutions that automate business processes, people are still an essential resource for Oil Resurs Grupp. We are seeking qualified experts from various fields interested in professional growth and invested in solving challenging tasks. We do not have superfluous people; each employee is a valuable asset.


Oil Resource Group chooses its partners with great care. We find partners in two ways.

  • We help small regional companies to boost their business by providing ready-to-use workflows, IT infrastructure, and project funding.
  • We nourish new partners from our own pool of ambitious employees. We ensure proper conditions for development.
Continuous development

Oil Resurs Grupp takes pride in its sound strategy. We are simultaneously advancing in several promising areas, conquering new markets, creating jobs, ensuring synergy between various business segments in a continuous search for something new.

We are committed to making Oil Resurs Grupp a robust brand with an impeccable business reputation, trusted by market players and representatives of the professional community.

Transparency and trust

8 years ago we realized that Oil Resurs Grupp could not progress without transparent and coherent business processes. Advanced IT solutions helped us build a conscientious business. Now all our operation flows are automated to the utmost. For our partners, this inspires nothing but confidence.

We comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and guarantee data privacy for our employees and partners.