Structure of the Holding

The CEO of the group of companies is Semyon Garagul

The holding consists of six companies operating in eight areas across Russia, the CIS, and Asia.

Over nine years, Oil Resurs Grupp has gained a reputation as a reliable partner with an ever-growing money turnover, which applies digital technologies in business operations.
The Group includes

INN 4004021785
The management company of the holding "Oil Resurs Grupp".

Oil Resurs Grupp

INN 4012004991
Supplies high-quality petroleum products from leading manufacturers throughout Russia.


INN 4004021070
Supplier of grain to the CIS countries, Asia and Africa.


INN 7707353733

Wholesale trade of fuel products.


INN 4004021545

Support of transactions for the purchase and sale of petroleum products and petrochemicals.


BIN 220640009456

Wholesale trade of fuel products on the Kazakh and foreign markets.