We have been actively developing for 7 years

Seven companies, operating in Russia, the CIS and Europe, have been established over this period of time

Oil Resurs Grupp history
Oil Resurs Grupp

Oil Resurs Grupp established partnerships with all major Russian fuel producers.

The company started working in petroleum products sales.

Vigorous growth

Vigorous growth in the supply of petroleum products and a start of transparent and long-term partnerships with market players.

IT Platform and
a new area of expertise

Roll-out of an IT platform for order processing and enhancing supplies and operations across every Russian region.

A decision is made to launch a grain trade business, the second area of our activities.

Blockchain platform

The first blockchain platform model on the Russian product market was developed to enter the blockchain solutions market. Yet, as it becomes clear that the legal status of this market will stay ambiguous in the nearest future, the company abandons this idea and focuses its resources on its own solution.

Internal system

An internal accounting system is launched, no manual work is done anymore and all the processes became automated. This enables instant order processing and transparent reporting. The business process optimization resulted in profits increasing manifold.

“Toplivo” mobile app and ORG-ZERNO

A mobile application is developed to monitor fuel prices in real-time. Grain, petrochemicals, and aviation fuel have become available for sale through the platform. Opening an exports gateway to the neighboring countries, Europe and Asia.

ORG-ZERNO company is incorporated. 1,349 transactions in the first year.


An Internet platform for self-ordering petroleum products is launched. Buying fuel has become as easy for thousands of wholesalers as calling a taxi or ordering food.

The petroleum products market is revolutionized.

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Development Plan 2021
Bonds out.
Issuing bonds allows the group to use external resources for development. For us, the bonds are the first stage before reaching a higher level.
In the future, we plan to start attracting investments by selling securities on the stock exchange.
Opening the management company will allow us to properly build the structure of the group of companies, to make transparent business processes, to quickly scale business, to increase the prestige and reputation in working with large players of the market, to attract new investments.
Create a management company
Zoom in on the state.
Today in a group of companies we have more than 125 employees and we continue to grow.