More than 50 million rubles invested from 2020year
Team of 25+ IT-experts
Skolkovo residency

IT is one of the priority areas for Oil Resurs Grupp. Back in 2016, we realized we need a high-quality technology infrastructure for further progress.

The technical department is the largest but for the sales department. We employ developers of corporate products, IT solutions for clients, and mobile applications.

In 2021, our projects made us stand out among the largest traders in the Russian market.

Optimization of corporate
business processes

When this challenge came to our attention we turned our attention to ourselves.
First of all, we switched from Excel and paperwork to a customized 1C configuration. The role of each employee is outlined in their corporate user account: from job descriptions and instructions to current project documentation and reports.

The efficiency of operations has increased, and the processes have become clear and transparent. At any time, the department heads know what employees are doing, at what stage the negotiations are, and what the status of the task or deal is.

IT solutions for separate

For the logistics department, we have developed a service that collects the goods flow analytics. The sales department uses it to calculate the market costs for the delivery of goods across Russia. These and other tools provide evidence of our competitive advantages and keep us one step ahead.

Russia's first marketplace for
petroleum products

In 2019, we developed a mobile application for our clients. They enjoyed the new service, and in 2020 we launched a raw materials marketplace – the ORG-Market platform. A unique solution for the Russian market, it directly connects buyers, sellers, and shipping carriers. Transactions can also be carried out through the dedicated mobile application.

We create free benefits
for our clients

Every day more than 5,000 of our clients in Central Russia automatically receive a list of current prices for the petroleum products by e-mail and via a bot in the messengers.