International trading

More than 3,000 deliveries per year
430 logistics partners
Automated business processes
International trading We deliver products to our Russian and global customers.

We ship petroleum products in compliance with the rules of the dangerous goods handling.

Grains are shipped by sea and rail in compliance with the storage and transportation requirements.

All our shipping contractors have passed a multi-stage accreditation process, which gives us a solid reason to trust them.

Continuous evolvement

We are perfecting our logistics using cutting-edge technologies. Our business processes are clear and transparent for all parties. Our relationships with the contractors are built on trust. We take full responsibility for our work, and we meet the requirements of the market and our customers. We prove our reliability by providing our customers with quality goods on time.

Expanding our geography of supplies

Our geography of grain supplies includes Turkey and Iran. Soon we plan to expand the sales markets, enter the Chinese market and broaden the product range.

reliability and profit

We deliver petroleum products by any transport

  • railway;
  • road;
  • pipeline;
  • transfer.