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The first company of the Group was founded in 2014. From its early inception, we build ties with partners based on transparency, trust, and long-term interests. Comprehensive use of IT technologies and automated business processes allow us to keep momentum and multiply sales and profits annually.

9 112 orders completed
in 2022
100 employees
9 billion rubles revenue
in 2022
9 years in the
Our employees

ORG Group is founded on the principles of partnership, a future-focused mindset, and trust. This framework allows us to build effective relationships within our operations.


It is vital for Oil Resurs Grupp to employ professionals. Among our employees, we need talented and skillful experts in various fields who share our goals and ambitions.

Out holding includes 5 companies:
  • Oil Resurs Grupp
  • ORG-Resursi
  • Zemlica
  • ORG-KZ

Our area of expertise: the wholesale supply of petroleum products and grains for farming in Russia, CIS, and Asia.

Over nine years, Oil Resurs Grupp has become a reputable partner with an ever-growing turnover, and a pioneer of digital technologies in business operations.

The company's trajectory relies on cutting-edge digital technologies, accumulated experience, clear distribution of roles, and mutual assistance with partners.

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Our values

Our mission is to offer high-quality products from leading manufacturers in the Russian market using an automated sales and delivery system.


From construction to trading. How technology and automation helped us to get away from paperwork and launch the first oil products marketplace in Russia.