Over seven years, Oil Resurs Grupp has gained a reputation as a reliable partner with an ever-growing money turnover, which applies digital technologies in business operations.
The Group includes

The management company of the holding "Oil Resurs Grupp". It was formed in 2021. Manages divisions within the holding. Makes decisions concerning the strategic development of the company.

Oil Resurs Grupp

Supplies high-quality petroleum products from leading manufacturers throughout Russia. Sales in 2019 amounted to RUB 15 billion.


Supplies grain and oil products to the CIS countries, Europe and Africa. A reliable trader with a healthy pool of trusted suppliers, well-structured export channels, and ever-increasing turnover.


The first Russian oil products marketplace providing a beeline between fuel producers and end consumers. The project belongs to the Sberbank corporate university as part of the Skolkovo innovation center.


A grain supplier in the Russian market cooperating with farming companies and large traders.

ORG TRADE SA (Switzerland)

An international trading company.


The company cooperates directly with the Federal Agency for State Reserves of Russia (Rosrezerv).


The company provides transaction support for the sale and purchase of oil products, petrochemicals, and grains.


The company operates in the Kazakhstan market. Cooperates with the largest oil refinery in Kazakhstan. It offers automobile gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, heating oil, naphtha.

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Over seven years, Oil Resurs Grupp has become a reputable partner with an ever-growing turnover, and a pioneer of digital technologies in business operations.